Anti Kitchen

Project Description

Going deep inside of millennials generation we focused on the issue – How to make youngsters Come Bac home, to find new ways of cooking and having fun with friends at home.

Anti kitchen is the kitchen, which was integrated into the living space to provide dynamic and multitasking life style to young people in a small flat.

Project Details

  • Company: Elmar
  • Team project: Valeriia Malykhina, Anna Buleeve, Albina Basharova
  • Brief: to develope non conventional kitchen
  • Year: 2014


Anticafe – a new cafe type with creative atmosphere for young people which appeared a few years ago and became very popular place in London, New York… Anticafe – it is not a traditional cafe with only food for dinner. People come here to meet friends, to work and spend time in a enjoybale atmosfere.
The food there is very limited, you can grab some snacks or biscuits with coffee or even bring your own food. People come here to read books or magazines, watch movies, learn craftworks and art and even do yoga. It is a place to meet designers, musicians, poets, photographers and other creative people. Here you can find business partners, develop and promote projects.

Millenials Recower a New Consumer Power

are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. The Y – the first generation that has no heroes, but have idols. Assume that they will not have heroes. They will them to other generations, despite the fact that do not always want to be heroes.

Hipsters become trendsetters

It is believed that among the indie cult kidov popular all vintage – “Time” ironically writes: “Jacket, who went to your grandmother, glasses in the
style of Bob Dylan plus breeches of denim, sneakers” Converse “and the bank” Pabst “.

Multiaction to save time for important & interesting things

Different activities happen simultaneously in order to save time. To save time and speed up the cooking process or make it more enjoyable you can combine different things together. You can cooking and watching a movie at the same time, or eating and working, communicate with their friends and it’s all possible to do at the same time.

Maximum use of limited space for important activities

People generation Y prefer to live in large or medium-sized open spaces such as a loft, where it is possible to connect several actions together. Meet and spend time with friends, cooking dishes different nations, work at home online and more.


fusional furniture for middle-size appartment that can be adapted to different activities with a few furniture objects for working, having parties or cooking with friends.

Free-standing objects for different scenarious

Scenario 1 / Every day

Scenario 2 / chill-out

Scenario 3 / Big space

Scenario 3 / Aperitivo

Scenario 3 / Aperitivo

Prototape of the model ANTI KITCHEN