Project Description

Aroma Bloom is a contemporary bath set that combines distinctive aesthetics, emotional sensations and enjoyable memories and was created for well-being, relax feeling and calm atmosphere. The inspiration comes from the spring season when all nature start to revive and bears new blooms with a many buds spreading out gentle aroma.

Project Details

  • Client: Franz Award
  • Brief: To find and develop new application of porcelain
  • Year: 2015

Dimensions / CMF

The set includes:

– porcelain matt soap with pattern – porcelain glossy soap dish
- aluminium pole
- stone pebble

Porcelain soap resembles a traditional soap, but contains liquid soap
inside that comes out
from the patterned holes. While moving the soap in the hands liquid soap flows out & startes to foam creating enjoyable sensations

The porcelain glossy soap dish acts as a stand for porcelain matt soap and also connected to the aluminium pole Marble pebble is a special shape piece for aroma oil that provokes aroma enjoyment and creates relaxing atmosfere in the bath

The aluminium pole is a binding element of all parts of the set


The set also includes a gift packaging and a special syringe for refueling liquid soap.

The project is currently in the process of prepa- ration and production of the art model.

Final version of the Aroma Bloom project will be presented in Beijing from 24-26 November on the Final Franz Award 2015.


Sensative Lady


high income, educated, society status

work in big comapies

likes exclusive objects

live in big green house

likes yoga, love SPA and massages aroma terapy

beautiful dinners with friends

Interested in art, books modern design, fashion music and etc.

PANTONE Black 5 C matt violet
PANTONE 446 C glossy green
metal Steel Polished
pink onyx

Intelligent Gentleman

independent high educated work in big comapies high income high society status likes sport

collecting art pieces iconic design retro cars

likes exclusive brands

live in big house with design icons

Interested in art, modern design, music and etc.

Aroma-Bloom-CMF-manPANTONE 444 C

PANTONE Hexachrome Black C

metal Brass Polished

marble white and black

Marketing strategy – OGSM

The marketing strategy was developed on the basis of a marketing tool OGSM. OGSM stands for objective, goals, strategies and measures. It’s a way of defining what you want to achieve, and how you will get there. Our objective is New product launch in the European market. Why in Europe. Our goals are to earn 300K in three years period and also break-even in three-years period. Next step is to launch our product in Top 5 European countries best in personal care such as: UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain
We think that we are able to gain position in growing bath accessories market. We plan to achieve our goals with 4 simple steps:
First one is our brand portfolio “Aroma Bloom” Second one is our position. Our clients are successful business men and women. Third one is distributing “Aroma Bloom” through the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Caffe) and extend sails to retail.
The last one is our premium position
of pricing.

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