Project Description

The inspiration came from the idea of many centuries of the existing maritime bitt. Since ancient times bitt used for mooring ships. Bitt is a rugged hollow pedestal, towering above the deck of the ship and working as a part of the towing vessel to the mooring system.

Project Details

  • Team project: AstoriDePonti Associati s.r.l.
  • Brief: Outdoor, easy portable shower
  • Year: 2015

Project Description

Valeriia Malykhina Interier Design






Polished Aluminium

The main objective of the project
was to achieve not only an attractive aesthetic appearance, but also bring additional opportunities to use. Thus the main scenario was modeled that better understand to the problems and needs of users and than to solve them. The “Bitt” can be used in any user-friendly place. It does not
require special assembling. It could befree-standing and wall-mounted.

Shower in stainless steel AISI 316/L that resist to external agents, such as fogs and salt and sulphurous water.

The object is easy to carry, because have a special handle for it. Perfect for camping or enjoying the outdoors vacation. Compact , hose for water diffuser can be easy wound around the core element of the “Bitt”. It has a special connector for connection of centralized cold and hot water. There is also a special rack for water diffuser, which allows everyone to adjust the height for each user separately.