M – Logic

Project Description

The idea of the project is to generate a new productline, which modernizes. Snitsa line while maintaining the essence of Scandinavian design. By adding new colors and materials, such us wood and modern textiles, which will make a nice contrast to the office environment and create an opportunity to influence
the state workers.

Project Details

  • Company: SA Möbler
  • Team project: Valeriia Malykhina, Marta Borkovska, Santiago Pecha
  • Brief: enclosed offices solo areas work team areas work large open offices
  • Year: 2014


M-LogiK is a 360 upgrade of the Snitsa design line. It is a connection between flexible user workflow and easly accesable functions. The principal guidelines are simplicity and clearness.


Moodboard colours

Two Team Work

Good solution for work in two. The panel can be lowered, allowing to create short business meeting between colleagues who sit on against each othergs.

Set composition T

Also we have T shape composition where people can work in four

Set composition H

In this case, we wanted to show how you can organize a work space for a big team